Step 1


We begin new projects with an in-person or virtual walk-through of your home or space(s) that need attention. This initial session is a discovery phase. We want to hear your pain points: what drives you crazy? What complicates daily routines or overwhelms you? We will ask questions to identify problems within the space. We listen. This is essential to understanding your goals for decluttering and the outcome you envision.

Step 2

Getting Started

The first, and arguably most important step of all – getting all the contents out of your space in order to create a clean, blank canvas to work from.

In this stage of the game, we also get to know you and your family. Understanding your daily routines and lifestyle are keys to strategizing our success.

Step 3

Inventory Items

Steps One and Two are the scariest for our clients. You’ll find these steps actually move pretty quick and are pain free (with our help;). Here is where we identify which items to keep, donate or sell. We then discard items that are no longer usable or needed. We donate items marked for disposal and recycle waste.

Your input is always welcome and encouraged, especially if we are dealing with sentimental items or family heirlooms, though some clients prefer us to take the reins and get the job done in their absence. Either is fine by us!

Step 4

Categorize & Sort

Items that belong together are grouped into different categories. We determine which organizational products will work best with the dimensions of the space, in addition to each family members individual needs. Once you approve the product list, we will purchase everything and are on our way!

Step 5

Implement System

Now comes the fun part – implementing a functional and orderly system that optimizes your space. Items are grouped according to your way of life and most used products.

Congratulations! The new efficiencies coming your way are guaranteed to reduce stress and give you time back.

Step 6


Bins, containers, racks, and more are utilized to give every item a home. Custom labels are created, so you can easily find your belongings. We outfit the space to your personality and style preferences, while keeping everything in balance.

Step 7

Maintenance Program

You can now Embrace Your Space AND maintain it on your own – woohoo!!! But overtime, the space starts to collect new items and things can begin to look haphazard again. To ensure you maintain your Well Kept space, our maintenance program provides bi-annual support at a discounted rate.