Cancellation Policy

If the client cancels a scheduled appointment with less than 48 hours notice or is a no-show, the client will be charged 50% of the allotted work hours. (Example: If client cancels a 4-hour session within 48 hours, Well Kept Space, LLC requires payment for 2 hours of the agreed upon rate).

If the client chooses to end a scheduled organizing session more than one hour before the agreed upon end time, Well Kept Space, LLC may request half of the agreed upon rate for that unused time.


Confidentiality Policy

  • Given the sensitive nature of the work we do, and the high level of trust required of our Clients to place in us, all of our Clients’s personal information is kept confidential. Your name and contact information may be shared with affiliates that assist Well Kept Space, LLC with your organizing needs on an “as-needed” basis. Rest assured that these individuals are bound by contract to protect the privacy of your information.

  • This confidentiality agreement remains in place once your organizing needs are complete.

  • Any photos that you give us permission to take and post on wellkeptspace.com, social media, or other collateral are anonymous. Testimonials typically feature your first name and last initial unless you prefer to be “anonymous”, in which case the client must let us know their preference.

Payment Policy

  • Well Kept Space, LLC accepts cash, checks, Square, Venmo, and PayPal payments. A processing fee may apply to credit card transactions.

  • We require payment at the end of each session. If a client chooses to pay online, we ask for payment in advance of the session.

  • There are no refunds for the consultation fee if the client elects not to hire Well Kept Space., LLC to perform the work discussed.

  • Please make all checks out to Well Kept Space, LLC.

  • We will provide you with an emailed or printed invoice.

  • First time clients are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 in advance.

Travel Policy

Well Kept Space, LLC is based in Oklahoma City, OK and will occasionally operate in other regional locations. Depending on where an appointment is located, a travel fee may pertain to you. There is no travel fee for clients who reside within a 30-mile radius of Oklahoma City at the time of service. Any client who resides outside of this 30-mile radius may be subject to a travel fee of 60 cents/mile.


Health & Safety Policy

  • The client is responsible for informing Well Kept Space, LLC organizer(s) of any injuries, health concerns or medical conditions that may affect or be affected by an organizing session. This includes but is not limited to pregnancy limitations, breaks, sprains, pulled muscles, injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, and fatigue. All medical information shared with us will be kept strictly confidential.

  • If there is a known or suspected rodent, insect, mildew or mold problem in your home, you must notify the organizer so that they can come prepared with face masks, gloves, and/or protective gear. For health reasons, Well Kept Space, LLC will not send organizers into a space with an active black mold problem. Contact information for a mold specialist and/or an exterminator is available upon request.

Donation Handling Policy

  • Donations can be delivered to the location of your choice or we will deliver to our partner organizations.

  • Our organizer will take as many of your donations as can fit into their company vehicle, free of charge, and a donation slip will be provided to you.

  • The client is responsible for disposing of trash, recycling, shredding, and any donations that either will not fit into Well Kept Space, LLC’s company vehicle, or donations that charities do not commonly accept, such as mattresses, tires and oversized TVs: We are happy to provide resources for donation removal for anything else we cannot take.


Product Policy

Well Kept Space, LLC is not liable for any defects, damage or injury caused by products recommended, sold, or provided to the client.