Virtual Organizing

Get organized

Our Virtual Organizing Process

Get live help implementing an organizational system to declutter your space. Let our team help from anywhere!

During our initial session, we will take a virtual tour of your room(s)/space(s) that you would like to get organized. We will ask questions and listen to identify problem areas and what you envision for the space.

We are here to answer any questions along the way and help hold you accountable with scheduled check-ins.

We will recommend an organizational system, including products ideas and placement, that not only fit the dimensions of your space, but also your individual needs and budget.

Want everything to magically appear at your doorstep? No problem! With your approval, we are happy to place your product order and ship everything directly to your house. This service is especially useful we are procuring products from different vendors. Or you are welcome to purchase the products on your own.

Once your products arrive, it’s time to transform your space! At this point, you have your roadmap and know where each item goes. Again, we are here to answer questions and root you on to the finish line!

Once your new organized system is in place, you are 99% of the way there. We will take a final virtual tour to determine, what, if anything, is needed to pull everything together for a polished look. Congratulations, you did it!