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“I am a busy single mom, and while I love my house to be clean, I never have enough time to get everything put away and find myself stuffing things in drawers and closets. Over time, it’s become somewhat overwhelming. For instance, I love cooking, but my cabinets have gotten so unorganized over the years (thanks to my children’s constant help in the kitchen) that things were becoming hard to find. I chose Well Kept because I have been so incredibly envious of how well organized and inviting these ladies’ own homes are. After the Well Kept crew finished organizing my kitchen, I felt a sense of calmness. The best compliment I can give them is that both of my children are asking when they will be back to do the rest of the house. I would highly recommend Well Kept to my organized friends, as well as my less organized friends. Well Kept not only organizes your items, but also creates an aesthetically pleasing space. They take care of each and every detail, down to the labels put on thoughtfully selected containers that make staying organized SO much easier. I will be a return customer.”
Blaire S.
“Mind blown...that’s all I can say! Well Kept has set my family and I up for success and I can’t thank them enough! A team of three organizers came in and transformed my kitchen pantry and the girls’ playroom in such a short period of time. Now when I step into my house it’s like an invisible layer of stress has been lifted. They create organizational systems you didn’t know you needed but now can’t live without. It has made prime living spaces even more enjoyable to spend time in. I get it now...that’s what they mean by Embrace Your Space. These two projects have inspired us to literally declutter our whole house. Thank you, Well Kept!!”
Liza C.
“Being neat and organized are not traits that I was born with. My garage area was extremely cluttered which made it not only messy in appearance, but often hard to find items. That was before the girls with Well Kept paid us a visit. I am now proud for people to see how orderly our garage area is. Things no longer require a search. I can’t thank them enough!”
Kyle S.