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Back To School

With high school seniors preparing to head off to college, we decided to ask our friend Sydney Murrah, a senior at the University of Oklahoma, to share her recommendations on getting prepared for the move and her favorite accessories to keep a compact dorm room organized.

I remember taking a visit with my mom to my soon-to-be dorm room to figure out how we could organize the space which both my roommate and I could share and enjoy equally. With the right organization tools, you can easily make the most of the shared space and even get more space out of it.

The Pre-Pack

As a Freshman, packing was a bit of a daunting task and took me hours. To help, I made a detailed list of all the things I needed to bring to avoid bringing unnecessary items that would create clutter in my dorm. I broke down my list into 2 categories – one for the things I was bringing from home and another for things I would need to buy once I finished moving in.

Clothing & Shoes

I always overthink whether I’ll need an item of clothing or how many pairs of shoes are one too many. For the over packers and the accidental over packers, I recommend getting 9-hole clothing hangers for your closet. They save space and keep your clothes organized and easy to find. To keep all your shoes in pairs, I recommend getting an over the door shoe organizer because they take up minimal space. You can find some great options (option 1, option 2) for closet and shoe organizers at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Food & Snacks

When it came to food, I had a very convenient 2-cubby organizer right next to my mini fridge that allowed me to store all my snack foods like granola, chips, bread, etc. It made it a lot easier to find everything I bought AND kept food out of sight in my dorm room, which kept it looking more put together and clean. Here (option 1, option 2) are a couple of options from Target.


Keeping my desk organized was such an essential part in keeping me motivated during my first year! It makes such a difference when you know where everything is because it gives you a clear head space to work or study. My desk, at the time, also doubled as my vanity so I used acrylic organizers from Amazon to store my makeup. It was easy to clean and had built-in spaces for my brushes, makeup, tweezers, etc. They are also great organizers for school supplies as well. . Browse through my recommendations (option 1, option 2, option 3) for inspiration.


Dorm bathrooms can be….a lot. The goal is to minimize the stress and the mess! I usually kept my toothbrush and toothpaste together in a cup above my sink and kept the rest of my bathroom necessities in a three-drawer plastic organizer. I also used a caddy to keep all my shower essentials in one place. Target and Bed Bath & Beyond have some great options that are functional and affordable (option 1, option 2, option 3).

Decor and Bedside

Decor is so important in a dorm room! I made sure to pick out pieces from both my room at home and newly purchase items. Adding a string of lights around my dorm room and hanging framed photos on the wall (using CommandTM strips of course) gave my room the cozy feel I was going for. Target has some cute and functional options for décor – check out some of my favorites (option 1, option 2, option 3).

For my bedside, I hung an acrylic wall cubby to hold my phone and other essentials. I strung an extension cord through it, making it easy to plug in my phone at night or quickly charge my laptop. Here are some great options from Amazon (option 1, option 2).

We were featured in Redfin’s recent article: Small Kitchen? No Problem! Organize Any Small Kitchen With These 23 Expert-Approved Tips

There can never be too much space in the kitchen, especially when working with a small space. And when the clutter inevitably begins to accumulate, every inch of space needs to work twice as hard.


Fortunately, organizing a small kitchen doesn’t need to be stressful. With a couple of clever tricks, you can organize a small kitchen with no trouble at all. To help you get your space back under control, Redfin reached out to experts like us from Boulder, CO, all the way to Stittsville, ON, for their best organization tips and tricks to get the functional kitchen you’ve envisioned.


You can check out the full article on the Redfin blog.

Pro-Packing Tips & Tricks for Trips

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting across the nation, who’s ready for a vacation? We sure are! 🙋‍♀‍🙋🏼‍♀‍🙋🏾‍♀‍🙋🏻‍♀‍ Whether packing for a road trip, the mountains or the beach, most of us face the same packing challenges – how do I fit more into my suitcase and how do I keep it organized and neat? Great news – our top packing hacks tackle both!


Before you start packing, there are two things you must do: check the weather forecast and create a packing list. A packing list not only saves you time when you pack, it also keeps you from forgetting items you need on your trip. Etsy has great options for printable packing lists.


Packing Cubes

These sanity-saving zippered fabric cubes come in all different shapes and sizes and will keep you organized on your trip. With cubes, you have options: you can pack entire outfits together or use one cube for tops, one for pants/shorts, dresses, undergarments, and so on.


Packing cubes work great for the whole family. You can either label them for each family member or get everyone their own cube color. This makes it easy to pack the kids in the suitcase and differentiate belongings.


Some cubes come with extra compression zippers to further maximize space, others have two sides or come with a small laundry bag, so you can keep clean clothes separate from dirty.


Bottom line: Packing cubes make it easy to find what you need; they maximize space and make repacking a breeze.


Our favorite: Packing Cubes | CALPAK
Less expensive options can be found at Target or Amazon


WK Pro tip: Roll your clothes when packing. It keeps clothes from wrinkling, saves space, and you can easily see what you have.


WK Pro tip: “This might sound ridiculous but when I’m going on a beach trip, I always pack one bathing suit in my carry-on bag or purse. That way if my luggage doesn’t make it, I’m not without a bathing suit because bathing suit shopping isn’t the easiest task.” – Ashlee S.


WK Pro tip: Rubber bands work great for grouping outfits together, especially for kids. They make it so easy to grab and go.


Water resistant bags

We like the Well Kept everything bag for toiletries because they can be easily wiped down if shampoo or whatever else spills. You can find those bags on Amazon or The Container Store and we can label them for you! When packing your everything bag, keep shampoo/conditioner in a bag with soap, lotion, and hair products. Basically, you want to keep all liquid together. Put other items, like makeup, vitamins, and your hairbrush in a separate everything bag.


Unpacking. When you arrive to your destination, take advantage of drawers and closet space, if available. You can either place your cubes in the drawers or completely unpack each cube. Hanging up your clothes make it easy to see your options and also helps wrinkles to fall out.


Repacking. When repacking to return home, here’s a great tip – pack all of your remaining clean clothes in one cube and all of your dirty clothes in a separate cube(s). This makes laundry a synch when you get home.


What is your favorite packing tip? Share in your stories on Instagram and tag @wellkeptspace. We’d love to hear it!

Why Your Mess Equals Stress & How To Fix It

If you are overwhelmed or stressed from clutter, there is good news – it’s a fairly easy fix compared to other known stress sources like relationships or a job. But before we tackle clutter, we need to define what clutter is and understand what happens in our bodies when we encounter it.


There are all different types of clutter. “Memory” clutter, for example, can mean you are preoccupied with things in the past, which can lead to depression, whereas, physical clutter, can be a physical manifestation of anxiety. You may not want to toss out items because you worry, you’ll need them in the future.


Peter Walsh, author of Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat?, suggests clutter may even be making you fat. Walsh says it comes down to a life of consumption — too much stuff, too much to eat. A Cornell Study seconds the notion that stress brought on by clutter may trigger coping and avoidance strategies, such as overeating and unhealthy food choices, oversleeping or binge-watching Netflix.


The science of clutter


Science has proven that clutter can trigger the release of cortisol, the hormone our body releases when we are under stress, is your body’s natural “fight or flight” response. Chronic clutter in your home can create prolonged stress, putting you in a continuous fight-or-flight state that can eventually result in higher levels of depression and anxiety, and a lower capacity to think clearly, make decisions, and stay focused. After all, it’s hard to rest and feel in control when clutter constantly signals to your brain that our work is never done.


Putting a stop to stress inducing stimuli, aka clutter



When we meet with a new client, one of the first questions we ask is, “What do you want from this space?”. This is the first step in removing clutter. Your vision for the space determines what you will keep.


Let’s take your bedroom, for example. Ask yourself, “What do you need for this space?” and “What do you want for this space?” Do you want it to be a calm, restful place to spend time with your partner? If so, you may want to move your computer or TV to another room. So, you are shifting from “What do I need for the bedroom?” to “What do I want from this space?”. This helps you figure out what is clutter and what isn’t.


With your criteria now in place, you are ready to start decluttering.  The key here is to start small: Tackle one room or even one bookshelf at a time. Even dumping a whole drawer can become overwhelming, so try taking out items that can be thrown away or recycled, then things you can donate. Finish decluttering one area at a time before moving on to another. This will give you a sense of accomplishment.


Give every item its own home



If you have successfully decluttered your space, you should not only be able to visibly see the improvement, but also should already feel lighter and less stressed because you simply own less stuff. However, just because you own less stuff doesn’t mean that your space is organized. So, before you move on to declutter another area, you need to make sure everything – we mean EVERYTHING – has a home. Giving each item a home means you may need to invest in cabinet and drawer organizers, plastic bins, racks, peg boards, etc. from the Dollar Tree or The Container Store. We can’t emphasize this enough – whatever it takes, you must give each item its own home.


The last but equally important step of organizing a space you can embrace is identifying what each storage solution contains using labels. We make it easy for DIYers with our Well Kept custom and pre-made label packages. DM us on Facebook or Instagram for more information about our label packages or to purchase yours.


Keeping clutter at bay for good



Having a plan in place moving forward is the key to keeping clutter at bay. When mail and enter the house, we recommend the “do it now” approach. So, when you open a piece of mail, you have three options – toss it, file it or place it in a pending folder. A pending folder will keep action items in close reach and your workspace clean.


For clothes, shoes, toys, and household objects, we employ this philosophy: When something comes in, something must go out. Other good rules of thumb to follow include “If in doubt, throw it out” and thinking of toys and clothes as consumables, like toilet paper, cleaning products, and food. This can make it way easier to let go of items that have outlived their usefulness in the house.

Beautifully, well-kept gift-wrapping techniques

Gift wrapping can be a pain (that’s why so many shops offer to do it for you) – but we’ve got some ways you can actually turn it into an art, and have fun doing it. Check out these tried-and-true gift-wrapping techniques for a well-kept look that’s easy to achieve and sure to get noticed!



2020 will go down as a lot of things but ostentatious is probably not one of them. Consider these minimal and intentionally understated, yet stylish wrapping ideas:


  • Burlap Bags: Get a simple yet put together look for small and big items alike. Just add a ribbon, optional jingle bell and gift tag! We recommend checking out all the different options on Amazon and Etsy.


  • Kraft Paper: For a clean look with just a ribbon and bow or grab a permanent marker and red pom pom to score this fun and playful look, as seen on Emily Henderson’s blog. Plus, no gift tag necessary, just grab a Sharpie.


  • Natural Jute Twine: The key here is to use a solid color of wrapping paper, so natural jute twine shows up.



  • Moody: Consider monochrome color blocking from start to finish. Try different textures, like a matte or faux leather wrapping paper paired with a foil polka dotted ribbon. Gold, purple and blue can all feel dramatic too.


  • Elegant: Invite your kiddos outside to help you gather foliage (think evergreen sprigs, pinecones, red berries). Adding greenery (or flowers, such as Baby’s Breath) to a gift package is always Pinterest worthy. Complete the look with kraft paper and white twine or you can use the red and white baker’s twine.


Fun, Memorable (& Recycled):


Move over old books, newspapers and scarves, there are plenty of fun and memorable items laying around to recycle. You will need ribbon and candy canes to complete this look.


  • Your Kid’s Artwork: Invite your kiddos outside to help you gather foliage (think evergreen sprigs, pinecones, red berries). Adding greenery (or flowers, such as Baby’s Breath) to a gift package is always Pinterest worthy. Complete the look with kraft paper and white twine or you can use the red and white baker’s twine.


  • Upcycled Gingerbread House boxes: Let’s face it, the prettiest thing that came from your purchase may be the box. These colorful boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are just as much eye candy (see what I did there;) for adults as they are kiddos.

Wrapping Paper that Gives Back:


  • Don’t forget you can purchase the coolest wrapping paper you’ll find anywhere while helping our city’s most vulnerable population this holiday season. The Curbside Chronicle’s annual Wrap Up Homelessness campaign features holiday designs from your favorite local artists, including Bek Barkocy, Cash Wheeler, Irmgard Geul, Jacob Vega, Jessica R. HarJo, Kristi Colbert, Lauren Steadly, No Parking Studios, Steven Silva and Thumy Phan. You can purchase the wrapping paper from Curbside Chronicle vendors at various local retailers, each weekend at the Holiday Pop-Up Shops or at wrapuphomelessness.org. It’s seriously THE coolest designs! Plus, 100% of the proceeds support The Curbside Chronicle and its mission to employ and empower men and women transitioning out of homelessness in Oklahoma City.

  • Pro Tip: To maximize your time and overall look, we recommend picking one theme for all your holiday packaging.

Sanity Saving Tips Before Santa – Part 2: Holiday Resource Guide


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…when you have help.


While we certainly advocate for staying organized and stress free any time of year, the holidays take it to another level. That neat and tidy pantry is nice, but that doesn’t save you from the decorating, shopping, and gift wrapping that stares you dead in the face until December 24.


Fear not! We put together a holiday guide of some of our favorite sanity-saving resources, plus a couple of new OKC small businesses on our radar – not only will you be doing yourself a favor by enlisting their services, but you’ll be supporting local business owners who need it more than ever during these uncertain times.


What’s that? Your pantry is NOT already neat and tidy? Well, we have gift certificates for that 😉 Just start dropping hints to anyone looking for gift ideas for you – or give the gift of organization to someone else! Click here to check one more thing off your shopping list.


Cheers to a safe, simplified and stress-free holiday season!


Adrienne, Ashlee and Jessica




A Date with Iris: Owner Kris Balaban and her partner Amy Downes’ artistic and whimsy approach to unusual gifts and floral arrangements are next level! Located at 4201 N Western in Oklahoma City, A Date with Iris is a small shop with endless possibilities. For Thanksgiving floral orders, a couple days notice is fine – but if you have a specific color palette and for greater customization, let them know by November 21st.


A: 4201 N Western, Oklahoma City, OK 73118

P: (405) 604-5959

Instagram: @adatewithiris

Facebook: A Date With Iris


XO AT HOME: If you are looking for a bi-monthly dose of happiness (and/or holiday floral arrangements), look no further than Edmond + OKC’s first floral subscription for the home.


For $99 (+tax) each month, you get TWO recipes of curated floral and foliage delivered to your door. The idea behind XO AT HOME is to supply a unique product you can’t find at the corner grocery store. The floral recipe/mood board for the following month is released by the 10th of every month. Haleigh shares styling tips and tricks and suggests vases to accommodate that month’s recipe. You choose from two 2-hour windows for delivery, either morning or evening. Pick up is available at their downtown studio.


XO AT HOME owner and longtime wedding florist Haleigh Kenney and her team curate beautifully unexpected, yet simple floral and foliage selections. The designs are meant to stand alone, like what you’d see in Magnolia Journal, for example (which by the way, their work is currently featured in).


Sign up here by November 29th to get on the December list.


Instagram: @xoathome




Paper + More: Beautifully wrapped presents make for a memorable gift giving and receiving experience. The store’s year-round professional gift-wrapping services save you time and are available at no extra charge for in-store purchases. No gift is too large, and no amount is too much. Gift drop off and pick up are quick and easy.


A: 7600 N May Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73116

P: 405-842-4117

Facebook: @PaperNMore

Jem Gift Wrapping:  Big or small, Jean-Ellen Shelley and Missy Musgrave wrap it all! While the business is new to town, the ladies behind it are not – you’ve likely seen their wrapping magic on beautiful gifts from On a Whim where they previously worked. Pick-up and delivery are available. Call or text 405-863-5033 for your upscale wrapping needs.


P: 405-863-5033


Instagram: @jemgiftwrapping



Holiday Pop-Ups Outdoor Market: One of our favorite holiday traditions returns to Midtown in a new, socially-distanced format starting Thanksgiving weekend. The all-outdoor market will run every Friday and Saturday until Christmas on the corner of NW 10th and Hudson. With a dozen different local shops participating each weekend, this is the place to find unique gifts and mark everyone off your list in a safe environment. Masks will be mandatory, everyone is asked to follow social distancing guidelines, and hand sanitizing stations will be set up throughout the market. Check out the 2020 shop roster here.


Instagram: @okcpopups



Social Settings OKC: Whether you’re planning a coffee date, brunch, happy hour or dinner… lighten your load and make your next gathering feel special with a table set like no other! Oklahoma City’s premiere tablescape rental service lets you choose from a curated collection of timeless tableware and linens, while incorporating your own pieces to create a unique and stunning setting for your occasion.


Special holiday pricing includes a $125 set up fee that comes with a centerpiece (cost of flowers included in this price), and place setting rentals starting at $65. To book your next event or learn more, contact Social Settings OKC owner Megan Roueche.


E: socialsettingsokc@gmail.com

P: 405.413.0568

Instagram: @socialsettingsokc

Sanity Saving Tips Before Santa: Playroom Edition

We are all over 2020 but for once, you can put that excuse away and let us help pave the way for less stress over the holidays, beginning with organizing the playroom.


If you’re a mom, you know that Santa brings joy to children all over the world – and clutter. Avoid the inevitable dilemma of “Where are we going to put all this?” by organizing your playroom now. Here’s your guide to making the process easier!


The first step is removing all the trash, including broken toys, toys with missing pieces, and miscellaneous school papers. Plus, now is the time to take Clorox wipes and make your way through and wipe down shelves, rinse out dirty bins, and ditch those raggedy old Ziplock bags. Start fresh!


Next, organize your toys into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Store. Have your children help! Including them in the process will give them ownership in the project.

  • Keep: A good rule of thumb is to only keep toys they currently use or items with which they have a deep emotional connection.
  • Donate: Only donate toys that are in good working condition, and have your children help make decisions by giving them two options and letting them choose which one they want to donate. For older kids, consider enhancing the project by asking for toys for a charity toy drive.
  • Store: Use large storage bins for toys and items your child has outgrown but still have sentimental value.


All the items in your “keep” pile now need a home. If you still have lots of toys, designate some of the toys to go under a bed or up in a closet that is accessible but out of sight. It will instantly cut clutter and allow space for new toys, but here’s an added benefit – in a few months, rotate the toys you stored back into the playroom and your child will have a renewed interest in them.


The remaining toys are ready to find a home. Keep your kids engaged by taking the process literally down to their level. Allow them to actively see and choose where the toys live so they get in the habit of placing them there when it’s time to clean up.


Shallow shelving is great for displaying large and awkward toys, while incorporating baskets or bins for toys you don’t want to see every day. Keep the space visually pleasing by color-coordinating smaller toys, like Legos, into clear plastic jars with lids.


Conversely, if you have a closet in your playroom or child’s bedroom, create a system that utilizes every inch of it. A combination of shelves and drawers work well. If you don’t have a closet and are working with a small space, consider choosing storage that can also double as seating.


Now that everything has a home, get label happy. Well Kept’s custom labels makes it a cinch!


Also, make sure you are left with extra baskets and shelf space so those new Christmas toys already have a home straight out of the box.



Keeping Your Costume Collection in Check

If your kids love Halloween as much as ours do, then conversations like “For Halloween this year, I want to be…” start around July. The actual BUYING of the costumes comes a bit later after they’ve changed their minds a few more times! It doesn’t take long before old costumes, props, and dress up clothes start to accumulate and take up precious space in closets, drawers, and playrooms. And if we’re really being honest – you probably still have the legwarmers and Reebok high tops you wore to that 80’s party a few years ago 😉


To stay organized, we suggest using hangers for dresses or anything with tulle and delicate details. This will prevent wrinkling and damage, and also keep them in better condition to be donated later. Props, jewelry, and play makeup are perfect candidates for labeled bins and these zippered pouches we love!


If you’re ready to purge and give those costumes a second life, here are some local resources that will take them gently used.


  1. 01Infant Crisis
    Costumes up to size 4T
  2. 02Lyric Theater OKC
    Adult Costumes (i.e. vintage formalwear, jewelry, uniforms, dress shoes)
  3. 03Once Upon a Child
    Halloween costumes, dance recital costumes, tap/ballet/jazz shoes
  4. 03Goodwill
    Costumes of all sizes

Facebook is also a great place to find community groups that are looking for donations like these (including prom dresses) to ensure kids with fewer resources still get to experience these rights of childhood passage in style.

How to Transition and Purge Your Way to Wardrobe Bliss

Fall may have arrived, but in Oklahoma we know all too well that those warmer temps can stick around well into the season. This can make for a trickle effect when it comes to transitioning our wardrobe.

If you are on a budget, skip buying transitional pieces and save your money to purchase more functional winter clothes. Just keep those summer clothing items you can mix and match over the next couple months with darker colors, richer textures, tights, and a little added warmth. Think cardigans over short sleeve shirts and dresses, and shorts paired with booties to create fall ready looks.

It’s also the perfect time to rid your closet of unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories. That’s right, folks, it’s time to purge!

Purge, purge, purge! You can do it! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 We’ve got your back, with our simple guide to an organized, streamlined closet bliss!

  1. 01Take everything out of your closet and drawers
  2. 02Sort each pile by garment type (shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, etc.). Then sort by seasons – spring/summer/fall/winter.
  3. 03From here, you’ll create five piles:
    • Keep: Only keep clothes you’ve worn in the last year {Unless it’s a fancy formal…there will come a day again when we are venturing back out to black tie events.}
    • Keep but Fix: You want to keep an item but it’s missing a button or needs to be hemmed….do not put it back in your closet. I repeat, do not put it back in your closet. Take your “Keep but Fix” pile to a tailor or shoe repair shop ASAP. If you wait too long, I promise that same pile will be there next year. Everything that goes back into your closet after a purge should be clean and neat.
    • Sell: Consigning unwanted, mid-to-high dollar, brand name items through a local shop or an online site, like ThredUP can score you $$$ for your next shopping spree. PSA: ThredUP gives up to 85% of the sale on luxe designer bags!
      • Bonus: Turn in an old pair of jeans (any brand) at a Madewell store and they’ll turn them into housing insulation. In return, you’ll get $20 off your next pair of brand-new jeans!
    • Donate: Lightly worn, unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories can be donated to a charity of your choice. Make sure the items you are donating are clean and don’t have holes or stains on them. Not sure where to donate? We are fans of Goodwill and Dress for Success.
    • Recycle: It is time to send damaged clothes and accessories on their next journey. This includes items with rips and tears, irreversible stains and/or worn out, pilled, grunginess. In true Marie Kondo fashion, thank the item for the love it has shown you and wish it well in hopes someone else will benefit from its upcycled goodness.
  4. 04Return to your “Keep” pile and group “like” clothing together. For example, you’ll want all your sweaters to go in the same drawer. If you are an overachiever, you can organize by color as well to make planning any outfit a breeze moving forward. We are all about systems, people. If you want to pack and store your spring/summer wardrobe, continue on to Step 5. If not, skip to Step 7.
  5. 05Before you pack up and store your spring/summer attire, take the time to launder or dry clean everything. Nothing ruins the first weekend of summer like a food stain from last year!
  6. 06Time to store your clothes. You have several storage options, whether you get a plastic storage bin for under your bed like this one from the Container Store or luggage you don’t plan to use anytime soon. Just make sure whatever it is you use is durable and that your clothes are covered and labeled. We also recommend rolling your clothes, instead of folding them, since this takes up less space and prevents creases.
  7. 07Time to return your “Keep” pile back into your closet and drawers. Consider investing in slim, velvet hangers that take up less space and keep everything looking uniform. This 50-pack from Amazon will set you back around $20. We are also big fans of vertically folding your shirts and leggings, so you can see what all you have in your drawer. Marie Kondo shows you how it’s done here.
  8. 08Now, with your fall/winter clothes organized, you can go shopping to fill any gaps in your wardrobe – yay!! But most importantly, maintain your systems! But how, you ask? Try sticking to the tried and true motto, “do it now.” Take that extra step and hang up your clothes, even if it’s past your bedtime – do it now.
  9. 09Congratulations, you’ve finished!!! Now go pour yourself a glass of prosecco or Topo Chico and take a load off. You deserve it!

Tips on How to Maintain Structure & Organization During the School Year

Your planner finally has some semblance of a schedule, the pantry is stocked, and the kids have actual homework – Congratulations! You are officially back in school and back in the swing of things. We’ve got some tips to help you maintain the structure and organization that’s finally within grasp.


  1. 01Change. If you are struggling with letting go of old routines and habits that no longer serve you and your family, embrace the change. You’ve likely accepted at least some over the past six months. So, now’s the perfect time to embrace new habits and create routines that set you up for success.
  2. 02Take getting dressed in the morning off your to do list for good by laying out your kids clothes for the entire week with this 5-Day Organizer. If your kids are older and want to pick out their own clothes, let them fill their daily clothes bin. AND/OR employ this method for yourself! We promise, you’ll thank us later.
  3. 03We like to call it a “Launch Pad” because it organizes everything you need to successfully LAUNCH your day each morning. How it works: Designate an area in your house where you place your purse, keys, backpacks, sports equipment, masks, etc. on the “launching pad” the night before (and every time you finish using them) – no excuses. This makes getting out the door in the morning so much easier and we promise there will never be any return trips home again to pick up the forgotten essentials. You can easily create your own launch pad with trays, bins, hooks, wall storage units or even a hall bench.
  4. 04Have you labeled (finished labeling) your kids’ schoolbooks, tablet, headphones, supplies and belongings for the school year? If you answered no, do it now. Kids share, borrow, and lose stuff daily. Labeling your kids belongings makes everyone’s life easier and increases your chances of getting expensive items back – boom! Need custom labels? We can help!
  5. 05Family Planning: Old School vs. New School? There’s no right or wrong answer. But you need a system to stay organized and on-schedule with your kids’ practices, games, parties, and your book clubs, girl’s nights, date nights, and on and on.
    • We love a traditional paper planner – here are some of our favs!
    • White Board(s) in the kids’ room and/or a common in and out area
    • Or you want to go digital. We love Trello: a web-based application for making boards, lists, and cards for task and project management. Items can be easily moved around and shared to maximize workflow. Plus, it’s free.
  6. 06PRO TIP: Put it away now. This is the single easiest way to stay organized during the week when things get out of place. Be cognizant of the problem areas: paperwork, the mudroom/entry, and pantry.
  7. 07Avoid being a “weekend warrior.” Break down big projects into smaller chunks to feel less overwhelmed and exhausted. Doing so will free up your weekends for family outings or adult time.