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Pro-Packing Tips & Tricks for Trips

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting across the nation, who’s ready for a vacation? We sure are! 🙋‍♀‍🙋🏼‍♀‍🙋🏾‍♀‍🙋🏻‍♀‍ Whether packing for a road trip, the mountains or the beach, most of us face the same packing challenges – how do I fit more into my suitcase and how do I keep it organized and neat? Great news – our top packing hacks tackle both!


Before you start packing, there are two things you must do: check the weather forecast and create a packing list. A packing list not only saves you time when you pack, it also keeps you from forgetting items you need on your trip. Etsy has great options for printable packing lists.


Packing Cubes

These sanity-saving zippered fabric cubes come in all different shapes and sizes and will keep you organized on your trip. With cubes, you have options: you can pack entire outfits together or use one cube for tops, one for pants/shorts, dresses, undergarments, and so on.


Packing cubes work great for the whole family. You can either label them for each family member or get everyone their own cube color. This makes it easy to pack the kids in the suitcase and differentiate belongings.


Some cubes come with extra compression zippers to further maximize space, others have two sides or come with a small laundry bag, so you can keep clean clothes separate from dirty.


Bottom line: Packing cubes make it easy to find what you need; they maximize space and make repacking a breeze.


Our favorite: Packing Cubes | CALPAK
Less expensive options can be found at Target or Amazon


WK Pro tip: Roll your clothes when packing. It keeps clothes from wrinkling, saves space, and you can easily see what you have.


WK Pro tip: “This might sound ridiculous but when I’m going on a beach trip, I always pack one bathing suit in my carry-on bag or purse. That way if my luggage doesn’t make it, I’m not without a bathing suit because bathing suit shopping isn’t the easiest task.” – Ashlee S.


WK Pro tip: Rubber bands work great for grouping outfits together, especially for kids. They make it so easy to grab and go.


Water resistant bags

We like the Well Kept everything bag for toiletries because they can be easily wiped down if shampoo or whatever else spills. You can find those bags on Amazon or The Container Store and we can label them for you! When packing your everything bag, keep shampoo/conditioner in a bag with soap, lotion, and hair products. Basically, you want to keep all liquid together. Put other items, like makeup, vitamins, and your hairbrush in a separate everything bag.


Unpacking. When you arrive to your destination, take advantage of drawers and closet space, if available. You can either place your cubes in the drawers or completely unpack each cube. Hanging up your clothes make it easy to see your options and also helps wrinkles to fall out.


Repacking. When repacking to return home, here’s a great tip – pack all of your remaining clean clothes in one cube and all of your dirty clothes in a separate cube(s). This makes laundry a synch when you get home.


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