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Sanity Saving Tips Before Santa: Playroom Edition

We are all over 2020 but for once, you can put that excuse away and let us help pave the way for less stress over the holidays, beginning with organizing the playroom.


If you’re a mom, you know that Santa brings joy to children all over the world – and clutter. Avoid the inevitable dilemma of “Where are we going to put all this?” by organizing your playroom now. Here’s your guide to making the process easier!


The first step is removing all the trash, including broken toys, toys with missing pieces, and miscellaneous school papers. Plus, now is the time to take Clorox wipes and make your way through and wipe down shelves, rinse out dirty bins, and ditch those raggedy old Ziplock bags. Start fresh!


Next, organize your toys into three piles: Keep, Donate, and Store. Have your children help! Including them in the process will give them ownership in the project.

  • Keep: A good rule of thumb is to only keep toys they currently use or items with which they have a deep emotional connection.
  • Donate: Only donate toys that are in good working condition, and have your children help make decisions by giving them two options and letting them choose which one they want to donate. For older kids, consider enhancing the project by asking for toys for a charity toy drive.
  • Store: Use large storage bins for toys and items your child has outgrown but still have sentimental value.


All the items in your “keep” pile now need a home. If you still have lots of toys, designate some of the toys to go under a bed or up in a closet that is accessible but out of sight. It will instantly cut clutter and allow space for new toys, but here’s an added benefit – in a few months, rotate the toys you stored back into the playroom and your child will have a renewed interest in them.


The remaining toys are ready to find a home. Keep your kids engaged by taking the process literally down to their level. Allow them to actively see and choose where the toys live so they get in the habit of placing them there when it’s time to clean up.


Shallow shelving is great for displaying large and awkward toys, while incorporating baskets or bins for toys you don’t want to see every day. Keep the space visually pleasing by color-coordinating smaller toys, like Legos, into clear plastic jars with lids.


Conversely, if you have a closet in your playroom or child’s bedroom, create a system that utilizes every inch of it. A combination of shelves and drawers work well. If you don’t have a closet and are working with a small space, consider choosing storage that can also double as seating.


Now that everything has a home, get label happy. Well Kept’s custom labels makes it a cinch!


Also, make sure you are left with extra baskets and shelf space so those new Christmas toys already have a home straight out of the box.



Keeping Your Costume Collection in Check

If your kids love Halloween as much as ours do, then conversations like “For Halloween this year, I want to be…” start around July. The actual BUYING of the costumes comes a bit later after they’ve changed their minds a few more times! It doesn’t take long before old costumes, props, and dress up clothes start to accumulate and take up precious space in closets, drawers, and playrooms. And if we’re really being honest – you probably still have the legwarmers and Reebok high tops you wore to that 80’s party a few years ago 😉


To stay organized, we suggest using hangers for dresses or anything with tulle and delicate details. This will prevent wrinkling and damage, and also keep them in better condition to be donated later. Props, jewelry, and play makeup are perfect candidates for labeled bins and these zippered pouches we love!


If you’re ready to purge and give those costumes a second life, here are some local resources that will take them gently used.


  1. 01Infant Crisis
    Costumes up to size 4T
  2. 02Lyric Theater OKC
    Adult Costumes (i.e. vintage formalwear, jewelry, uniforms, dress shoes)
  3. 03Once Upon a Child
    Halloween costumes, dance recital costumes, tap/ballet/jazz shoes
  4. 03Goodwill
    Costumes of all sizes

Facebook is also a great place to find community groups that are looking for donations like these (including prom dresses) to ensure kids with fewer resources still get to experience these rights of childhood passage in style.