How to Transition and Purge Your Way to Wardrobe Bliss

Fall may have arrived, but in Oklahoma we know all too well that those warmer temps can stick around well into the season. This can make for a trickle effect when it comes to transitioning our wardrobe.

If you are on a budget, skip buying transitional pieces and save your money to purchase more functional winter clothes. Just keep those summer clothing items you can mix and match over the next couple months with darker colors, richer textures, tights, and a little added warmth. Think cardigans over short sleeve shirts and dresses, and shorts paired with booties to create fall ready looks.

It’s also the perfect time to rid your closet of unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories. That’s right, folks, it’s time to purge!

Purge, purge, purge! You can do it! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 We’ve got your back, with our simple guide to an organized, streamlined closet bliss!

  1. 01Take everything out of your closet and drawers
  2. 02Sort each pile by garment type (shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, etc.). Then sort by seasons – spring/summer/fall/winter.
  3. 03From here, you’ll create five piles:
    • Keep: Only keep clothes you’ve worn in the last year {Unless it’s a fancy formal…there will come a day again when we are venturing back out to black tie events.}
    • Keep but Fix: You want to keep an item but it’s missing a button or needs to be hemmed….do not put it back in your closet. I repeat, do not put it back in your closet. Take your “Keep but Fix” pile to a tailor or shoe repair shop ASAP. If you wait too long, I promise that same pile will be there next year. Everything that goes back into your closet after a purge should be clean and neat.
    • Sell: Consigning unwanted, mid-to-high dollar, brand name items through a local shop or an online site, like ThredUP can score you $$$ for your next shopping spree. PSA: ThredUP gives up to 85% of the sale on luxe designer bags!
      • Bonus: Turn in an old pair of jeans (any brand) at a Madewell store and they’ll turn them into housing insulation. In return, you’ll get $20 off your next pair of brand-new jeans!
    • Donate: Lightly worn, unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories can be donated to a charity of your choice. Make sure the items you are donating are clean and don’t have holes or stains on them. Not sure where to donate? We are fans of Goodwill and Dress for Success.
    • Recycle: It is time to send damaged clothes and accessories on their next journey. This includes items with rips and tears, irreversible stains and/or worn out, pilled, grunginess. In true Marie Kondo fashion, thank the item for the love it has shown you and wish it well in hopes someone else will benefit from its upcycled goodness.
  4. 04Return to your “Keep” pile and group “like” clothing together. For example, you’ll want all your sweaters to go in the same drawer. If you are an overachiever, you can organize by color as well to make planning any outfit a breeze moving forward. We are all about systems, people. If you want to pack and store your spring/summer wardrobe, continue on to Step 5. If not, skip to Step 7.
  5. 05Before you pack up and store your spring/summer attire, take the time to launder or dry clean everything. Nothing ruins the first weekend of summer like a food stain from last year!
  6. 06Time to store your clothes. You have several storage options, whether you get a plastic storage bin for under your bed like this one from the Container Store or luggage you don’t plan to use anytime soon. Just make sure whatever it is you use is durable and that your clothes are covered and labeled. We also recommend rolling your clothes, instead of folding them, since this takes up less space and prevents creases.
  7. 07Time to return your “Keep” pile back into your closet and drawers. Consider investing in slim, velvet hangers that take up less space and keep everything looking uniform. This 50-pack from Amazon will set you back around $20. We are also big fans of vertically folding your shirts and leggings, so you can see what all you have in your drawer. Marie Kondo shows you how it’s done here.
  8. 08Now, with your fall/winter clothes organized, you can go shopping to fill any gaps in your wardrobe – yay!! But most importantly, maintain your systems! But how, you ask? Try sticking to the tried and true motto, “do it now.” Take that extra step and hang up your clothes, even if it’s past your bedtime – do it now.
  9. 09Congratulations, you’ve finished!!! Now go pour yourself a glass of prosecco or Topo Chico and take a load off. You deserve it!

Tips on How to Maintain Structure & Organization During the School Year

Your planner finally has some semblance of a schedule, the pantry is stocked, and the kids have actual homework – Congratulations! You are officially back in school and back in the swing of things. We’ve got some tips to help you maintain the structure and organization that’s finally within grasp.


  1. 01Change. If you are struggling with letting go of old routines and habits that no longer serve you and your family, embrace the change. You’ve likely accepted at least some over the past six months. So, now’s the perfect time to embrace new habits and create routines that set you up for success.
  2. 02Take getting dressed in the morning off your to do list for good by laying out your kids clothes for the entire week with this 5-Day Organizer. If your kids are older and want to pick out their own clothes, let them fill their daily clothes bin. AND/OR employ this method for yourself! We promise, you’ll thank us later.
  3. 03We like to call it a “Launch Pad” because it organizes everything you need to successfully LAUNCH your day each morning. How it works: Designate an area in your house where you place your purse, keys, backpacks, sports equipment, masks, etc. on the “launching pad” the night before (and every time you finish using them) – no excuses. This makes getting out the door in the morning so much easier and we promise there will never be any return trips home again to pick up the forgotten essentials. You can easily create your own launch pad with trays, bins, hooks, wall storage units or even a hall bench.
  4. 04Have you labeled (finished labeling) your kids’ schoolbooks, tablet, headphones, supplies and belongings for the school year? If you answered no, do it now. Kids share, borrow, and lose stuff daily. Labeling your kids belongings makes everyone’s life easier and increases your chances of getting expensive items back – boom! Need custom labels? We can help!
  5. 05Family Planning: Old School vs. New School? There’s no right or wrong answer. But you need a system to stay organized and on-schedule with your kids’ practices, games, parties, and your book clubs, girl’s nights, date nights, and on and on.
    • We love a traditional paper planner – here are some of our favs!
    • White Board(s) in the kids’ room and/or a common in and out area
    • Or you want to go digital. We love Trello: a web-based application for making boards, lists, and cards for task and project management. Items can be easily moved around and shared to maximize workflow. Plus, it’s free.
  6. 06PRO TIP: Put it away now. This is the single easiest way to stay organized during the week when things get out of place. Be cognizant of the problem areas: paperwork, the mudroom/entry, and pantry.
  7. 07Avoid being a “weekend warrior.” Break down big projects into smaller chunks to feel less overwhelmed and exhausted. Doing so will free up your weekends for family outings or adult time.