Well Kept is excited to announce our partnership with The Container Store as an official in-house organizer

7 Ways Well Kept Saves You Time & Money

At Well Kept, when we take on a project, you agree to an hourly rate of $160/hour for a minimum of three hours, plus an initial Consultation fee ($50) that is applied to your three-hour minimum. At first glance, this may seem like more than you wanted to spend until you realize everything you get with WK. Best of all, here’s how the WK method saves you time and money:


  1. 01We work in teams of three, which generates a more productive and collaborative workflow, thus allowing us to finish a project in half the time it would take one organizer.
  2. 02The WK method produces synergistic efficiencies that enable us to cut costs. We pass that savings on to our customers by charging less than the average hourly rate you would pay for an individual organizer.
  3. 03Once we declutter your space, WK hauls off your unwanted items and donates them to Goodwill or a nearby charity of your choice. We will also provide you with a donation receipt.
  4. 04WK procures all the organization products and tools needed to complete your project on a pre-determined budget.
  5. 05Each space is thoroughly cleaned with WK’s cleaning supplies before implementing your new system.
  6. 06WK will coordinate any needed third-party vendors that pertain to your project, including but not limited to hiring an electrician, plumber, painters, large trash removal or additional cleaning crew. Rest assured that you will be in the know, on board and receive a quote for services.
  7. 07The final piece of the organization puzzle is stylizing your space with our fully customizable labels (no cookie cutter looks here!) and your existing accessories and décor to create a polished space you can embrace.